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Connected Life Labs announces the release of SmartDry, a patented new product that connects any clothes dryer to a smartphone via a simple, easy-to-use app.  This innovative smart home product helps homeowners save time, energy, and money by sending users useful alerts on the status of their laundry.


Clothes dryers are notoriously inaccurate in monitoring both temperature and dampness of clothes.  Most dryers run well after the clothes are actually dry. This can be damaging to clothing and wastes time, energy, and money. SmartDry’s patented technology determines the exact point at which the clothes are dry and immediately sends an alert to the user’s smartphone. SmartDry users are saving over 15 minutes per load and up to $60 per year. Additionally, for the environmentally conscious, all that saved run time can reduce a homeowners’ carbon footprint by 300 pounds of CO2 per year!