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About Our Labs

Connected Life Labs is based in Somerset, New Jersey. We design and develop innovative Smart Home products designed to enhance our lives and the environment through technology.  

As a company, we want to have a positive impact on our customers’ lives by saving them time and money while reducing their carbon footprint. Our latest patented product, SmartDry, is designed to alert users when the clothes are dry and then again when the dryer has stopped.  The patented sensor can turn any clothes dryer into a smart appliance and has been shown to be more accurate at deciding when the clothes are dry.  This lets users currently reduce run times by 15 -20 minutes.  That in turn reduces energy consumption and the home CO2 footprint considerably.

At Connected Life Labs we strive to make sure every aspect of our products are well designed and create the best user experience for our customers.  We also extend that high level of dedication to our clients that partner with us for their product IoT and Smart home design needs.

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