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Setting up SmartDry with your Alexa 

  1. In the SmartDry app, make sure you've typed in your email address and clicked on "Save Alexa settings"
    If you would not like to use your email address, follow alternate instructions below.

  2. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device

  3. Search for the "Smart Dry" Skill

  4. Install the Skill

  5. Enable the Skill


6.  You will be asked to allow skill to access your email address


7. Link your account by logging into your Amazon account (same account you use to buy things from Amazon)


8.  Verify that your account is linked and permissions are granted.


9.  Say the following command to Alexa "Alexa tell smart dry find my sensor" .  Alexa will respond with the sensor name if it is found.


10. You are now ready to use Alexa with your SmartDry.

Common SmartDry Alexa Commands:

Check Dryer Status

"Alexa ask Smart Dry  are my clothes dry"

"Alexa ask Smart Dry  is the dryer running"

"Alexa ask Smart Dry  the clothes dryer status"

"Alexa ask Smart Dry  status"

"Alexa ask Smart Dry "




Link Sensor to email account

(Note: email account must be saved via the SmartDry app first)

"Alexa tell Smart Dry find my sensor"

"Alexa tell Smart Dry register my sensor"

"Alexa tell Smart Dry connect"

Save Sensor Name

An alternate way of linking your sensor to your Alexa device is to manually save the sensor Id. Alexa typically does not understand single letters well so the procedure above is preferred. If you are using this method say each letter distinctly with a slight pause between letters. You may also use the phonetic alphabet to improve Alexa's accuracy. If you have difficulty with this contact us and we can link the account for you.

"Alexa tell Smart Dry  my sensor is A 1 B 2 C 3"

"Alexa tell Smart Dry my sensor name is A 1 B 2 C 3"

"Alexa tell Smart Dry write A 1B 2 C 3"

A 1 B 2 C 3 is your six digit sensor name that can be found in the SmartDry App settings page or on the back of the SmartDry Sensor. 
Say "zero" for the digit 0.





Forget (erase) sensors

"Alexa tell Smart Dry  forget my sensor"

"Alexa tell Smart Dry forget sensor"

"Alexa tell Smart Dry forget"



Error messages



Go to Alexa app, select SmartDry skill and verify that the account is linked and email permissions are granted.



At this prompt you may enter any of the commands above or say "One","Two","Three" or "Four". To prevent this command from recurring say the commands very clearly with slight pauses between words.

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