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SmartDry Beta Programs 

Smart Things for SmartDry Beta:

Welcome to the SmartDry Smart Things Beta program.  This page is where you can get the latest info and changes to the the Smart Things device we created for SmartDry.  If you do not see your issue below please email us at with details on your issue and detailed information on feedback.

Special notice to Beta users:

SmartDry Beta features are in the early stage development by nature and are a work in progress.  We appreciate your time and patience in working through the process and delivering feedback. We please ask that you do not share any of this information publicly through any medium online or otherwise, or make any public reviews of the beta product, features, or program.  Of course, once we have the public release, we certainly invite to share your reviews on the product and/or features.  We really appreciate your cooperation and participation in making our product better and more stable in the end. We know with help from people like you we can make SmartDry a product that everyone can enjoy!

Revisions / Changes:


1)   Samsung has been contacted about the following.   We cannot change after device has been published.

  1. Change limits on Temperature

  2. Change icon to Dryer (OLD/NEW below)

ST washer icon.PNG

Known Issues: 

We are currently aware of and working on the following known issues.

As of 3/24/2020

1. Values for Temp and Humidity are correct and are updated approx every 20 sec (limited by CLL).

Automatons will trigger correctly and are not effected by data throttling.


a. Graph updates are throttled by Samsung to limit data transmissions.  They say “ignore small changes” but it appears to be about every 5 minutes.

b. History updates are throttled by Samsung to limit data transmissions.  Appears to be a few updates a minute.

c. Based on values, humidity scale (shaded portion) can be very hard to see.

d. Numeric values units (C/F) are determined by settings in SmartDry app.  Graph scale (C/F) are determined by Samsung system settings.  Go to Smartthings web portal / My locations/  select location and edit , change Temperature Scale.   We have not found a way to do this via the app


2. Samsung considers the moisture monitor a “Security Device” so they will not disable the built in notifications.  You must disable Notifications for the SmartDry device (we cannot send notifications).

Moisture Sensor Module Alerts - built in ST triggers cannot be masked and is creating nuisance alerts

   - Current work around is to disable notifications for the SmartDry device under Settings/Notifications/SmartDry  turn OFF - then you can create and leave notifications activated on for any routines created for SmartDry.

Charting - Humidity and Temperature data does not scale properly for some users

Routines - When creating a routine for temperature, upper limit stops at 122F

How To Use:

SmartDry has four sensors:


Motion detected/inactive  Dryer running , stopped

Water sensor dry/wet   Clothes dry/wet (based on setting in app).  Note there is a bug in the Samsung platform that may generate a notification when water sensor is “wet” .  Samsung is working on it.

Contact Sensor – Normally closed.  Set to open when a notification is sent (dry or stopped)


Data is updated every 20 sec when dryer is running or when a notification is sent.


Simple Automation that turns on light and notify all Smart Things devices  when notification is sent from Smart Dry

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