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Resetting Android Notifications

In the event that you no longer receive notifications on your Android phone after a OS software update or a reset is needed for other conflicts, follow the directions below to fix the issue.

For App version 6.2 or newer 

Navigate to the Support page in the SmartDry App and Tap on the "Notifications Reset" Button

This will reregister your new device for notifications.

If you continue to have issue after this method is used, proceed to the full reset details below.

Adroid Reset.PNG

For Older Android Setups:

First please delete the app cache and data located on the phone in the following directories:


       a. Open the app settings in the phones OS 

       b. Force stop the app

       c. Clear all Cache

       d. Clear all Data

1.  Re-open the SmartDry App, it will open in reverted to default mode.

2.  Accept the privacy terms

3. On the next screen you can select "Skip Setup" and that will bring you to the main screen.

4. On the main screen, select the gear icon to go to the settings page.

5. Once on the settings page, in the empty space beside the "New Sensor" type in the Sensor ID   (6 digit alphanumeric)

6. Now tap "New Sensor"  - this will save your already setup SmartDry to the Android user.

7. Return to the main screen and you will now receive notifications on the Android device.

This will force your phone to reset to register for notifications again. 

Run the dryer for a short test run for 5 minutes and then stop the dryer. You should now get notifications again.

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