Resetting the SmartDry Sensor 

If you are no longer receiving notifications from SmartDry or your sensor has become non responsive please follow these instructions on how to reset the sensor that is located in the dryer.

You can also view the following video about replacing the battery (also located on the settings page of the app) for proper battery replacement. 

3. Gentle pop the battery out of the compartment and then place it back into the slot (this resets the sensor).  If the battery is dead, you can replace the battery with the same Panasonic CR2032.

Please pay close attention to the polarity of the battery (positive side up) and the location of the small gold tabs on the positive side of the battery.  The Battery will need to be inserted in the same way.

1. Unplug the hub for 10 seconds and then plug it back in - making sure the hub is located within 10 feet of the SmartDry sensor located in the dryer.  After a few seconds the LED's should blink while the unit powers up.  Then the power LED will remain on while the DATA LED will go off. 

Once you reset the sensor you can then run a short test run of the dryer for 5-10 minutes to see if data is flowing through the hub.

The DATA LED on the hub should flash green every 5-15 seconds when the sensor sends data and when operating normally.

When you stop the dryer you should receive a notifications that the dryer has stopped within 1-2 minutes.

If you need further assistance please reach out to

2. Now remove the four screws from the back cover of the battery cover on the back of the dryer sensor. Gentle remove the cover.