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Alexa Routines (Triggers) Setup

This is a Alexa Smart Home device intended to be used with the SmartDry Dryer Sensor.  This device is intended to be used with routines only to create triggers and automations with other devices in your Smart Home environment.

This is also how you can have Alexa make announcements about your dryer status.


To check the status of the SmartDry Sensor via your voice commands, use the SmartDry Alexa Skill.

First:  Contact us activate your account at


In the Android app v6.2

Navigate to /Smart Speaker setup / Alexa-Device / Enter SmartDry Email


Once the account has been activated:  

Go into your Amazon Alexa App - and Navigate to the Skills Search console and search for "SmartDry" (see image below)

Add the SmartDry Device Skill in the Smart Home category.

On the next screen - Tap "ENABLE TO USE"

A login screen should appear.

Next you will be required to Sign IN or Sign UP using your SmartDry account that you had to contact us to create. 

If you previously created an account for i.e. Smart Things you can SIGN IN

If you have NOT yet created an account use SIGN UP instructions below.

At the bottom of the login screen tap the small “ Sign UP” text (not the "sign IN" button)

Fill in BOTH Username AND Email text boxes with your EMAIL address you provided us earlier.


User: Fill in EMAIL address you provided (NOT any previous ST usernames you have)

Email: Fill in EMAIL address you provided

PW:  Fill in the password with any new password you like for SmartDry (at least 6 digits long)


Tap the large “Sign up” button

You should get a successful setup screen.

If you do not have an account contact us at before proceeding.

File_000 (3).png
File_001 (1).png
File_002 (1).png
File_000 (2).png
File_000 (1).png

Once you receive the successful login screen you can now navigate in the Alexa app to the Alexa routines and add devices screen shown below.  Search for SmartDry and add the available device.

Next you can build your custom routines using the available triggers.

The Example below makes your Alexa Announce when SmartDry has an update.

Use these contact switches in routines.  The routine should trigger when the switch opens (note the value of the switch has no meaning except to trigger routines).  You may control other devices, you may also have Alexa speak when the notification arrives.  There are two options for the action: “Alexa Says” – This will speak to a single device; “Alexa Announce” – This will play a chime and then announce on all devices.

In the example below two routines were created to announce when the dryer has stopped and when the clothes are dry.  A wait and repeat has been added for convenience if you would like a reminder if you miss the first announcement.

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