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Setting Up SmartDry Multi Users

We will walk you through the iOS and Android setup for adding more phones below.

Once the SmartDry is setup and the Hub is online, any new users do not have to complete the Hub setup again.


A note on multiple users and receiving notifications:

The newest version of the SmartDry Android app does support multi user.  Additional details are found below.

For iOS SmartDry does not currently send notifications to two users at once but SmartDry can be installed on multiple iOS devices.  Please see the additional info below.  Only one user will get notifications at a time.  However, we are currently working to add simultaneous multi users in version of the app to make this part easier.

We do have smart speaker and automation support for Alexa and Smart things, in which you can create custom alerts or announcements that can be sent to multiple speakers or users at once.  Select from the support menu above for more info on the platform support you use.


To add a user for an iOS device, please do the following. If the App had been previously installed on the second users phone please delete the current app and install the latest version for a fresh start.


1. Install the app fresh from the app store on the new user’s phone

2. Open the app and tap "Get Started"

3. When the "Find Sensor" displays, wiggle the sensor in the dryer

4. Now Tap "Find Sensor" while standing close to the sensor

5. Once the sensor ID automatically loads, Tap "NEXT"

6. On the next screen tap "Exit" 

7. Close the App completely and reopen the app to get started normally.


To add a user on the new Android device please install the latest version of the SmartDry App.

If you are using the Android SmartDry App version 6.2+

Download and Open the app.

Accept the privacy terms.

On the log in screen Enter the required information and tap "Create Account".

Follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup for an existing sensor.

If someone had already created an account for the sensor you can also use those login credentials, or simple follow the instructions above to create you own account.

If you are using an older version of the Android SmartDry App that had been previously installed on the second users phone please delete the current app and install the latest version for a fresh start.


1.  Once installed, start the Android SmartDry App

2.  Accept the privacy terms

3. On the next screen you can select "Skip Setup" and that will bring you to the main screen.

4. On the main screen, select the gear icon to go to the settings page.

5. Once on the settings page, in the empty space beside the "New Sensor" type in the Sensor ID (6 digit alphanumeric)

6. Now tap "New Sensor"  - this will save your already setup SmartDry to the Android user.

7. Return to the main screen and you will now receive notifications on the Android device.


You only must do steps 1 - 7 once for a new user with a previously installed Hub.


Switching users:

For iOS or Android that last person to open the app will get the notifications.


If another user does not open the app or tap new sensor, the last active user will continue to get notifications without re-opening the app.


Hope this clears things up and thanks again for purchasing SmartDry.

I understand this method is not optimal, but we are working on new features that supports full multi users simultaneous alerts and makes this easier.


If you have Alexa, we have added a feature to the skill that will turn her LED ring yellow when SmartDry has an alert for you so all in the home can access.

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